SL4(RC) RichTextBox and Access Violation

update: looks like this has been fixed and will work fine in  RTW

There is  a  post in silverlight forums talking about listitem in RichTextBox and editing them.

I tried this

 <RichTextBox IsReadOnly=”True” >
                <Run Text=”hello, this is a listbox”/>
                    <ItemsControl Margin=”10,0,0,0″>
                        <ListBoxItem >
                            <TextBox Text=”1. Item 1″/>
                        <ListBoxItem >
                            <TextBox Text=”2. Item 2″/>

As soon as I started editing the TextBox, got this error. looks like bug to me


2 thoughts on “SL4(RC) RichTextBox and Access Violation

  1. Lee,

    I checked with the RichTextBox folks internally and they report that this problem no longer happens on recent builds. So the scenario should work fine on Silverlight 4 RTW.

    Hope that helps!

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