Book Review: Next-Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight

Recently, I had a chance to read the “Next-Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight” book by Bart Czernicki.
The following are my thoughts on chapters which are well laid out and easy to follow

chapter 1. BI defined and concepts of BI and how it is evolving, comparision of 1.0 and 2.0
chapter 2. Why silverlight is suited for BI applications and advantages of using Silverlight
chapter 3. Structural composition of BI applications and how data crunching can be done on the client along with caching and use of isolated storage
chapter 4. Discussion on Interacting with data, caomparision of how we interact with silverlight UI vs traditional UI.
chapter 5. DataVisualization and how to apply the same using charts
chapter 6. Best practices in designing visualizations and how charts are used in visualizing, including styling charts
chapter 7. How we can enhance silverlight controls to do visual intelligence and some sample implementations
chapter 8. Collective intellignece and how existing controls can be used
chapter 9. Predictive intelligence using existing controls
chapter 10.How we can improve performance
chapter 11. Different integration options, communication between different SL apps/widgets

It is definitely a book to read if one is doing/considering a BI project using silverlight.
The code samples from chapter 3 to 11 are very good and practical.


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