Silverlight and Prism sample

After playing around with prism, I wanted to do the flexstore application using silverlight and prism and submit for the Component Art competition, but it looks like I am not going to much more than what I have till now after all, but it was a good learning exercise. Here are some screenshots of the app. you can try the demo here.
Note: All the functionality is in the products section. Drag and drop is not functional. we have to click on the buttons that popup when we mouse over the items

you need to login before you can submit an order. Data comes form an xml file. Users, and their orders are stored in the IsolatedStorage



The code is not optimized nor is completely organized, but if you want to take a look at it, here is the link


57 thoughts on “Silverlight and Prism sample

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  2. Lee, interesting sample.
    Do You integrate SL3 with Prism navigation?
    Can You publish source code?
    Thx, Andrzej

  3. HI, the demo was really interesting.Would like to c how u have used Prism.Can u send me the Source code.


  4. Hi,
    I’d love to see the sample code for the Silverlight store. I’m learning Prism (V3) and taking a look at how you built the store would help me out a lot. Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    I’d love to see the sample code and the application looks really kool. Can i see the source code for the same.


  6. Great sample man… I’m into the first steps of PRISM for silverlight. Can you please share the source code, which will help to understand this. Thanks.

  7. Hi,
    I’ve worked a lot with SLV so far but not as much as I would have liked with PRISM.
    So I decided to get more into it. Built a couple of app and that raise my interest to PRISM to a another level. Then I found your demo. Really cooooool that’s more in the range I’m aiming for with PRISM. You said Drag and Drop wasn’t functional but I believe that could be added with no problem. Is it possible to share the demo code.
    I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks and keep on your good work. 5 star *****:)

  8. Hi, the sample application looks great !
    The design is good and the way you implemented the catalog rocks !
    I will be very interested in the source code, if possible.

  9. Hi, this sample look good.
    I am really a new guy to prism and so it would be helpful for me if you can send us the source code, if possible.

  10. Hi, very nice example. Its a great help. I need to build an application using PRISM and silverlight. It would be a great help if you can share your source code for me to get heads up.

  11. Hi lee,

    Thanks a lot for providing code. I have a question for you how to Activate and Remove a view from a particular Region based on certain Action Click Event.

    Thanks in Advance

    1. if it is contentcontrol region, all you need to do is find the view in the region and call Activate. if it is itemscontrol I think if you set the selected item it will activate the view

  12. Hi Lee,

    Thanks a lot for sharing Sample.

    I need some help in Display ProgressBar While Loading data Asyn.

    I have 3 Regions ( Header, Main and Footer), when certain event occurs (Click) on MainRegion i Wanted to display a progressBar Covering the Entire Shell (covering 3 Regions).I am able to display progress bar by registering the View to Main Region but not Covering Entire BackGround (Header and Footer)


    1. I would try wrapping all the regions inside the busyindicator/progressbar, so when you set Isbusy property it will cover everything

  13. Thanks for Reply,

    I am totaly Confused,

    U wanted to declare all 3 regions under ProgressBar in ShellRegion.

    If u dont mine can you Explain a bit brief or any Blogs(Link)

  14. Thanks a lot for sharing Sample I have a question for you, You had implemented the logic of activating views in Presenter(ViewModel) but as for Single responsibility principle ViewModel should not be aware of View.

    I think Controllers to Activate Views is good.

  15. Thanks for reply and also sorry if i hurt you.

    I am new to Prism SL and going through a lot a Blogs and making sure I am in right direction.

    Once again Appreciate your work and keep posting cool stuff.

  16. This is really cool stuff, have been looking around for some sample which gives complete kind of demo with PRISM.

    This must have provided good learning curve those who looked at the code.

    Could you please Share source code of the this Sample?

  17. Hey. Would it be possible for you to send a link to the source? I’m trying to understand how to fit a login in to my mvvm pattern… Kind of a newbie at prism and mvvm and having a rough time determining how to lay out an application. Ive been looking into MVVMLight and Prism and really can’t decide the best path yet…

  18. Hi thats exactly what i was looking for. It would be a great help for me if you can share the code of this with me. Thanks

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