ComboBox code updated to Beta2

Here is the source for combobox which works in Beta2. looks like there is bug in ContentPresenter .

 Jeff’s workaround seemed to have worked

Here is the source


8 thoughts on “ComboBox code updated to Beta2

  1. This works great, with one problem. When displayed in a Grid, the drop down list is clipped to the size of the cell in which the combo box is located.

  2. I did not try using this in Datagrid. I think that is because the the items are not presented in Popup. I did not have any luck trying to place items in the popup

  3. Thanks for the link.
    Perhaps you can have a look at Datepicker control source code in beta 1. it uses poup to display calendar.

  4. That was my initial thought , but the main difference is the popup in that case is containing only one child. here it has to be itemscontrol

    I think Combobox from microsoft should not be far off. so I would rather wait for the correct implementation than some hack

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