TabControl- Silverlight

Here is a basic implementation of TabControl in Silverlight. it shows 2 ways you could add items to the control.

see a demo

you can download the sample here


4 thoughts on “TabControl- Silverlight

  1. I had been writing my own Tab Control, but was having some issues when i came across yours. I gave yours a try but i’m having the same problem.

    I’d like to place buttons in the content for a TabItem, and then assign add a Clicked event for them. As usual, I set a x:Name=”btnName” property for the buttons. Then, codebehind automatically creates the variable and adds initialization for it. The problem is that when the app runs, FindName returns null on the name of the button. The same button works fine if defined outside of the TabItem control.

    It seems FindName doesn’t recurse into custom controls? Is there something missing from the custom controls that could correct this?

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