Styling ComboBox- part 1

if we want to change the text that is displayed when user selects an item in the combobox, we have to change the ContentTemplate of the ContentPresenter in the Combobox Template


Attached is a sample(change .doc to .zip), which allows you to specify the template to be applied in the Tag property


(update: added a thumb to the panel, which lets you resize the panel)



Getting the text of the selecteditem in Combobox

When you look at the Text property in the SelectionChanged event of the ComboBox it returns the prior value
here is a way to get the right value (cb1 is the name of the ComboBox)

Add this in Window loaded event

DependencyPropertyDescriptor dpd = DependencyPropertyDescriptor.FromProperty(ComboBox.TextProperty, typeof(ComboBox));

dpd.AddValueChanged(cb1, OnTextChanged);

and here is the handler

private void OnTextChanged(object sender, EventArgs args)